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A genius at the age of 10

Andrei Tiba - Geniu la 10 ani The youngest member of the Union of Composers in Romania is an only ten years old boy from Timisoara. Andrei Tiba is a student in de fourth grade and amazed everyone with his musical talent. He is a composer, lyricist and interpreter of his compositions all at once. His biggest dream is to follow the classes of the conservatory in Italy and to get one day as famous as the Spanish tenor Jose Carreras, his idol.

Andrei Alexandru Tiba is only 10 years old and is the youngest member of the Union of Composers in Romania. In July 2003 he recorded three creations at this professional organization, creations, for which he signed the composition and text. Andrei Tiba is a pupil in the fourth grade at the “Nikolaus Lenau” High-school in Timisoara and his musical performances took place without his taking part at classes in a music school. “Children sometimes accuse me that I do not get out so play so much. But when I am inspired I cannot do anything else than sit and compose”, affirms the boy. “The first sign that we have a special boy came from his kindergarten teacher. When he started school we registered him into the Flores chorus at the Children’s Palace/Club. The principal Nicolae Puscasu told us that it would be a pity to leave Andi only there with the chorus class. He advised us to take him to piano lessons and this is the point where our son’s evolution has started”, declares Sebastian Tiba, his father. The boy takes piano lessons from the age of 8. He has recently been tested my maestro Ladislau Roth from the Romanian national opera House in Timisoara. He was surprised to notice that Andi had much more advanced knowledge than any other child his age who had studied piano at the National College/High-school of Music “Ion Vidu”. Thus the boy began to study harmony in January 2004, a subject that is usually taught in high-school at musical schools.

A lot of prizes

Up to now Andrei Tiba has composed three melodies/songs, also having written the lyrics for these. At the fragile age of only ten years the little boy wishes to become more than “a star”. The first step towards his goal has been made last year when he won the grand prize at the International Festival for Folk Music “Flowers in the City of Flowers”. This year he won the first prize at the same contest and was qualified for the preselection of the performing contest “Mamaia for Children”. Andi impressed the jury of the Bucharest festival “Ministar Ciresar” obtaining a special prize. He has had many appearances on local TV posts up to now, but his biggest achievement was his appearance at TVR International. His performances do not stop here: he won prizes every school year, he took part in a modeling class, continues to study music and dance, he is learning to improve himself on playing the piano and organ and studies canto with Mrs. Elena Goja. The one who helps him compose the lyrics for his songs is maestro Robert Bajkay, cantor at the Catholic Cathedral and his piano teacher.

He wants to be the second Jose Carreras

“I usually compose in the morning. Then I am mostly inspired. First come the lyrics and then I sit down in front of the organ and search for a rhythm. In about one wee I manage to create a new song. It is pure fantasy, but I honestly prefer to compose than to get out and play with children”, says Andrei Tiba. He wants to take classes at the conservatory in Italy in order to become a tenor as well known as Jose Carreras, his idol. Only his parents know how much his education costs. The piano, organ and canto lessons and the outfits for each appearance/ performance on stage are not cheap. A complete outfit – because the boy cannot be seen with the same outfit twice – can cost up to 4 million lei and the private classes cost 2 million lei a month. It seems to be worth, because his talent is being appreciated. “Despite the fact that he is only ten years old, Andrei Tiba is already a star. His merits in composition and performance have already been confirmed by the prizes he has obtained/earned during several contests. His achievement to be a member of the Union of Composers at this age is amazing”, declared Petru Umanschi, a well known musicologist in Timisoara.

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