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At 10 years – the youngest composer in the country

Copiii_teribili_ai_vestului Andrei Tiba is a name to be certainly heard by Romanians and Timisoara citizens – in case the have not already heard of. He is an only ten year old boy, being the youngest composer in Romania. In July of the present year his first three compositions have been recorded at the Union of Romanian Composers – three songs which he himself has composed - form the melody up to the lyrics. Up to now other three opuses have been recorded. The totally six opus are: “To be a Star”, “The Voice of Heart”, “A Message for You” (which have already won prizes at an international children contest), “Soul of a Child”, “Christmas Carol” and “My Spring”. All that the young boy wishes is to be a star, this young boy who despite his age and little experience in music has won the big prize at the International Folk Music Contest – “Flowers in the City of Flowers”, two years ago. Last year he won the first prize at the same festival and also qualified for the final pre-selection of the festival/contest “Mamaia for Children”. The boy from Timisoara made a final impression on the jury from “Ministar Ciresar”, a national music contest in Bucharest where he won the special prize of the jury. His songs have been played on several occasions on the national television a local TV posts, but the most important televised appearances have been on “TVR International”, “Realitatea TV”, “Pro TV”, after having repeatedly been broadcasted on local and regional posts. His coming through has been a real performance regarding the fragile age of this young musician who is just now finishing the forth grade. Andrei Tiba is a pupil at the “Nikolaus Lenau” High-school in Timisoara and his musical performances took place without his taking part at classes in a music school. Everything he does comes from his exceptional talent he has been born with and which at an age, where the main occupation of a child is playing, he is preoccupied with the piano keys. “It is true that children accuse me now, and this is happening very often, that I do not get out so play so much. But when I am inspired I cannot do anything else than sit in front of the organ or PC and compose”, declared the little talent of the city along the Bega river.

            “The first sign for us that we have a special son became obvious when Andi was in the kindergarten. His kindergarten teacher was the one who made us pay attention that he has a special gift for music”, says Gabriela, the boy’s mother. Thus, when he started school, Andrei Tiba also started to attend classes at the Children’s Palace/Club and became a member of the “Flores” band. At the age of 8 Andrei started to get private piano classes and one year later he was attending intensive courses. Ladislau Roth, the maestro of the Romanian Opera House in Timisoara, has recently tested the boy and noticed the fact that he already has more advanced knowledge (about five years) ahead any other student who studied the piano at the National Music College. This is the reason why the boy started to study harmony in January, a subject that is usually studied only in high-school. Thus maestro Roth has taken him under his protection and is carefully watching over his musical activity at the time being, so that he has become a third parent for him. He orchestrates his opus and supervises his study so that the boy has evolved a lot under his influence.

            But his performances do not stop here: he won prizes in every school year, he too a modeling course, he is studying music and dance, is learning to deepen his piano knowledge and organ, but also takes canto lessons with Elena Gaja. In these days the young talent from Timisoara has qualified for the music festival for children “Young Talents” where he shocked the audience with an extremely complex appearance, because he performed vocal and instrumental opus on stage thus winning the well earned first prize. (Petra Alexandru)

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