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Andrei Tiba is a genius composer since the age of 8


Andrei Tiba is a genius composer since the age of 8

He won an international piano and composition contest in Finland and is the youngest member of the Union of Composers and Musicologists in Romania – and this only at the age of 16.

It is too less to say that he has a born artistic talent in order to describe Andrei. The young man is composing since he was 8 years old. “I liked music. I started to study the piano for my amusement with Mrs. Lucia Parvulescu from the Music High-school. I enjoyed playing the piano so that I composed certain opuses. Back then the composition was solely based on inspiration, because I had no musical knowledge”, told us Andrei. At the age of 10 he took his chance and certain of his work done while composing, he listed his opuses at the Union of Composers and Musicologists in Romania, thus becoming the youngest member. In order not to waste everything he had done up to that point, he started to study canto with Mrs. Elena Goja at the age of 11. Now two or three hours a day are reserved for the piano that he has been studying since ha was 13 with Mrs. Emanuela Sigheti. He has been studying composition and orchestration for about five years with a maestro and composer of an international level. Ladislau Roth was the director of the Mexico Opera and worked with artists like Luciano Pavarotti or Placido Domingo. “He is a complete composer who composes any kind of quality music. I am like an heir of his knowledge. At 85 years he wants to leave something behind”, said Andrei, an opera conductor.

A week ago Andrei Tiba conducted the orchestra of the Romanian National Opera House in Timisoara that played his compositions. “I have created a choral album of 10 orchestrated opuses, being helped a lot in my work by the Catholic Church. It is an important achievement to conduct such an orchestra at the age of 16 and it is even more important for them to play your compositions. It is a great satisfaction”, affirmed the teenager. For Andrei composition means to have a lot of musical knowledge, inspiration and to play with the musical keys. “I have reached a very advanced level which is probably taught at the conservatory”, said the young man. Despite these Andrei composes when he is in a special mood. “Sometimes I am melancholic. Usually one composes when being in love, when having a beautiful experience. Then one composes for a certain event”, explained the teenager who prefers the film music although he composes as well classical as film music. “There is a lot of discipline and a very well established timetable”, said Andrei. Beside piano and composition the young man is also keen on sportive dancing. For the future I wish to study composition and conducting in Vienna. I want to make a career in film music and to eventually become a great dancer.”

Questions and answers:

“Which is your favorite composer?” “My favorite film music composer is Hans Zimmer, but I also like different composers of classical music, for example Mozart.”
“What do you like about film music?” “I like the effects and the percussion and the moods transmitted. It takes you into an extraordinary world”.

Likes: “I like discipline, elegance, ambition. I like when a person is open-minded, sociable. I like honesty”.
Dislikes: “I do not like lies, egoism and vulgarity”.
Profile: born on 27.07.1993 in Timisoara
Education: student in the 10th grade at the National Art College/High-school “Ion Vidu”
Experience: composing since the age of 8

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