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Andrei Alexandru Tiba

 My friends call me Andi, a disputed name in my family, because my mother wanted me to be called Alex. Thus / on the 27th of July 1993 Andrei Alexandru Tiba, a happy child surrounded by affection, was born.

I started primary school at the “Nikolaus Lenau” High-school in Timisoara, a school teaching in German as a mother tongue and in the 8th grade I continued my studies at the National College of Arts “Ion Vidu” in Timisoara, at the Department Piano as a main subject / in the class of Prof. Flora Toth.

I studied for two years composition at the "Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance" and I'm currently studying Composition with Production at Leeds College of Music.

Music has been my passion since I was a little child, a fact that has been noticed by my kindergarten teacher at the German kindergarten and who advised my parents to take me to classes at the Children’s Club in Timisoara. Under the guidance of Prof. Puscasu Nicolae I started to learn the first things about music, piano and violin, being considered to be one of the most appreciated children on an artistic level. The prizes I have earned and the belief in my potential have determined me to aspire to more.

Thus at the age of 8 years I started to compose; at the beginning folk songs and piano compositions a little bit later. I had the fortune and luck to meet wonderful teachers and friends, who helped me to study profoundly piano and harmony. Due to the fact that I had already been initiated into the secrets of the piano by my godfather Robert Bajkay, it was easier for me to step up to the next level having Mrs. Lucia Parvanescu as my piano teacher. Parallel to the piano I started to study harmony under the guidance of Mrs. Elena Gaja, the mezzo-soprano of the Romanian Opera House in Timisoara, who was back then my canto teacher.

My assiduous work and my perseverance, supported by my parents, made o little musician out of me at the age of 10 so that it was possible for me to meet the international maestro conductor and composer Ladislau Roth. This encounter has opened for me a new door in my life towards the universe of music.

Based on the learned notions I started to study music orchestration with the maestro Ladislau Roth. I had the first opportunity for me to put my musical knowledge under proof at the age of 15, when I had been approached to make the music orchestration of the opus on the religious album “Lord, You are the Life”.

It is fantastic to see what one can do with musical notes. The music orchestration has opened me the way to symphonic film music, which is particular special through its variety of themes, the liberty of thought and the contribution of imagination.

In one of the national newspapers I have been asked what I enjoy about film music and I declared that I like the effects, the percussion and the moods they transmit and that take you into an extraordinary world.

My path in life is film music and my dream is to get to Hollywood one day.

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